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December 30, 2010

Vcictor Aliwalas: Model and Actor

Victor Aliwalas grew up in New York and has found a new career in the Philippines a couple of years ago. He did some appearances to some GMA 7's teleseryes. His first TV acting project was Marimar and his first movie acting was My Bestfriend's Girlfriend. His is currently on the teleserye Beauty Queen of the Kapuso network Aside from acting, he's also into modeling. He first appeared as a model for a Sports Utility Vehicle SUV).

Phot Credit: Bench Philippines

December 29, 2010

Janvie Daily: Getting a Name

Janvier Daily, ex of Ethel Booba, was once had a scandal when photos of him were published online showing his "ding dong". I wonder if he used Ethel just to get a name in showbiz. He starred in a digital film entitled Roxanne. Right now, he's into modeling.

Photo Credit: Ian Felix Alquiros Photography

December 27, 2010

Zoltan Amore: Former Masculados

He was a member of the first Masculados group. Zoltan Amore appeared on some movies in the late 90's like Sa Paraiso ni Efren, Ang Kabit ni Mrs. Montero, Dugo ng Birhen: El Kapitan, and others. He wasn't as successful as Carlos Morales, John Apacible, and Allen Dizon during those years, for these three were very visible in movies, but he became noticeable when he joined Masculados. They became famous for a short period of time. Unfortunately, the Masculados group that we known today doesn't include him anymore.

Phot Credit: Good Looking Filipino Men Yahoo Group

December 26, 2010

Not Old Enough Yet

He is a mainstay of the longest-running gag show in the Philippines, Bubble Gang. I love to watch summer specials of the said program because I can always sight his nice-sculpted body. I believe that he got one of the best bodies in Philippines showbiz. That's why he always got an invitation from Bench and he never fails to impress, and makes the crowd cheers. If he gets older and can no longer bares his body, I have no idea who could replace him. Wendell Ramos is now 32 years old. He's not that old yet, is he?

December 25, 2010

Ahron Villena: Getting Sexier

Ahron Villena was one of the castaways of the Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown which was won by Akihiro Sato. It was seen on this reality tv show of the Kapuso network how sexy he is now compared to when he was still in ABS CBN. During the show, it was also noticed the blossoming of the close friendship of Ahron and his fellow castaway and tribesmate, Ian Batherson. Is something fishy really going on between the two?

December 24, 2010

Missed Him

I will make a post of the four gorgeous men on top of this blog before the end of this year. I already posted Alfred Vargas, so next stop is Eric Tai. He is one of the most in demand model to grace men fashion shows but unfortunately he wasn't on this year's Cosmopolitan Bachelors. But  last year he was included as depicted on the photo above. The likes of him should be the type of men to be invited to events like the one mentioned for he got the looks, body and the attitude that will make the audience enjoy more of the show. I do not know exactly why he was excluded this year and hopefully, soon, we will be able to have a glimpse again of this men on stage...

Photp Credit: Ian Felix Alquiros Photography

December 23, 2010

Rare View

He can't be seen like the photo above regularly. I must say, he is handsome and very appealing, however, too much tattoo on his body. Anyway, Alex Crisano is still hot and so masculine that a lot of men and women desire to see more of him... One more piece to go... LOL!

December 22, 2010

Going Back Home

Alfred Vargas is set to appear as a leading man soon on ABS CBN via Mutya, a teleserye about a mermaid who will be portrayed by Precious Lara Quigaman, Miss International 2005. He was identified as a Kapuso for the past few years but his manager decided to accept Kapamilya's offer rather than the Kapuso's. Alfred however was a Kapamilya before he became a Kapuso. It's been quite awhile since he was seen on TV before he ran for Councilor in Quezon City where he won a seat. I am so excited to see Alfred soon on TV because he could be wearing sexy outfits since the teleserye is about mermaid.

December 21, 2010

Jon Hall: Model -Turned -Actor

He was the first to be a member of the jury of the recently concluded Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown on GMA 7. Jon Hall seemed tom be frustrated that he was the one to be voted out first from the Top 10, and Eric Vijandre, the castaway that he called "useless", remained until the finale of the show. He was very strong during the challenges since his first tribe won the first two (or three) immunity challenges. Now, he will be a part of the comeback of Captain Barbell on the telebabad of the Kapuso network next year.

December 20, 2010

Daniel Matsunaga: Lucky Brapanese

Daniel Matsunaga has been in the country for awhile now and hes been very visible in the TV since then. He is of Brazilian-Japanese descent. In the Philippines, they call the likes of him Brapanese. He is very lucky like Akihiro Sato that he found a new greener pasture in the Philippines by having regular shows on TV and modeling stints. He is currently seen on the teleserye Grazilda of the Kapuso network. It has also been in the news lately that he and his girlfriend, Heart Evangelista will spend the Christmas together.

Photo Credit: Paul Cortes Photography

December 19, 2010

Vivo Ouano: Where Are You?

I wonder why Vivo Ouano hasn't been given a big break after being one of the Starstruck Season 3 Finalists. He was starred in Bakekang and Ikaw Na Sana, unfortunately, after that he was gone like bubble popped in the air. There are two things I have on my mind why. Maybe he can't act or he has an attitude problem. Last time I heard was he usually hang out with his friends out of town. But where exactly? Vivo, where are you?

December 18, 2010

Kevin Santos: Rare Upper Body Glimpse

He was one of the Starstruck Season 2 finalists in 2004. He was not given immediate opportunity after the reality show, but in 2006, Kevin Santos was included as one of the casts of Agawin Mo Man Ang Lahat Sa Akin. After that, he became very visible on TV. He is now seen on TV regularly via Show Me Da Manny on the Kapuso network every Sunday. It was also reported that he will be a part of the upcoming comedy serye I Heart U Pare of the Kapuso network.

December 17, 2010

Topless Diether Ocampo

He was once a husband of Kristine Hermosa but they both denied that they got married and then suddenly they told the press that they will undergo annulment. What's there to annul if they did not have marriage in the first place? Are they lying to their fans? Diether Ocampo was also recalled as the actor identified as Kapamilya who almost transferred to Kapuso network but her home studio did not allow that to happen by giving him a new tv soap. The last movie where I have seen him was in Mamarazzi with Eugene Domingo.

Photo Credit: Regal Films & TFC

December 15, 2010

Arthur Solinap: Leading Man Meterial

Arthur Solinap is a cousin of GMA 7's leading actor Dingdong Dantes. I believe he can act and that he needs a good break from GMA 7 since he is very loyal to the network eversince. Instead of prioritizing those from the reality search Starstruck (which I believe will pale in comparison to him), the network will make a new leading man material if they only groom him as one of their male lead stars. He got the looks, the body and again, he can act. Paging GMA 7!

Photo Credit:

December 14, 2010

Carlo Maceda: The Newest Celebrity Groom

Carlo Maceda married his non-showbiz girlfriend in a civil ceremony last week. He was also a boyfriend of a former sexy actress Alec Bovic. He is no longer visible on TV or in a movie for he only produces indie films now, and not as one of the casts.

December 13, 2010

Alex Litton: Handsome Model

Alex Litton is a model, not-so-visible model that is. His looks will melt any woman's heart. I wonder why he was not invited to model to known clothing lines such as Bench, Folded & Hung, Walker, Hanson, etc. He would make a good competition with celebrities like Sam Milby (Folded & Hung), Diether Ocampo and Wendell Ramos (Bench), Jericho Rosales (Walker) and Geoff Eigenmann (Hanson).

Photo Credit: DayLite Photography

December 12, 2010

Sexy Model Eric Tai: The Front and Behind View

He is one of my greatest fantasies. I find him sexy and very hot! Eric Tai who was once a boyfriend of the then sexy actress Juliana Palermo, modeled for Colt 45, Cobra, Smart Buddy, Mach 5 Energy Drink, and many more. He also showcased his body-to-die-for during the 2008 and 2009 Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash. Just look at the photos above and see it for yourself how hot this man is, be it front or behind view. And oh, don't forget to check out his video, then let me know, isn't he hot?

Photo Credit: Gerard Daduya

December 11, 2010

Rate 'Em All

(l-r) Alex Crisano, Doug Kramer, Jayjay Helterbrand, & Marc Caguioa

These are for me the top four hotties (next to Enrico Villanueva) in PBA. Although I'm not so sure if Doug Kramer still plays. If you rate them according to Body and Hotness, what would you give to each of 'em? (Click on the photo for clearer view)

Akihiro Sato: First Non-Pinoy Celebrity Sole Survivor

Akihiro Sato won P3 million pesos (tax free) when he was named the First Pinoy Celebrity Sole Survivor last December 3. He bested other 17 castaways in the most successful franchised show on GMA 7. During the Finals Night, he and other finalists (Aubrey Miles, Solenn Heussaff, and Ervic Vijandre) faced te final Tribal Council where he and Aubrey tied for the vote off. Then, another tie-breaker vote off was done by the jury where Aubrey lost to Aki (his nickname). In the end, it was Aki who triumphantly emerged as the winner.

After the Finals night, multiple emails were received by showbiz writers that Akihiro shouldn't have won since he is not of Filipino blood. In my opinion, he deserved to win. For me it's not a question of nationality. The show was shown in the Philippines so it is just to name the winner Pinoy Celebrity Sole Survivor. He's been in the country for years now and he's been living like a Filipino celebrity does. He even said, he's going to take his family to experience how is it like to live in the country. Akihiro is not far from those Pinoys who prefer to live in other countries just to earn enough for their family. Same goes to Akihiro. He found Philippines, a country he can now call his new home.

Photo Credit:

December 10, 2010

Enrico Villanueva: PBA Towering-Handsome Ginebra Player

I do not know exactly what took over me but the first time I set my eyes at him during a PBA game two years ago, I couldn't help myslef but to imagine how does Enrico Villanueva looks like when he's topless. I've never seen him takes off his shirt after each game they played. His height, looks and shoulders makes me go crazy whenever I think of him. Now, this photo makes my day everyday whenever I open my laptop. Why not? He's my wallpaper after all. :-)

December 9, 2010

James Younghusband vs. Phil Younghusband

Who's hotter? For me, it's Phil Younghusband!
Who's taller? Definitely, it's James Younghusband!

Photo Credit: &

Dingdong Dantes: Desirable or Undesirable?

Dingdong Dantes was a nominee to the Asian TV Awards held in Singapore under the Best Drama Actor Category but lost to Bowie Lam of Hong Kong. However, being a nominee in such a prestigious award-giving body in Asia is already a great achievement he can be proud of.

Photo Credit:

December 8, 2010

Neil Etheridge: FootBALLer

Neil Etheridge is a 20 year-old footballer who was born in Enfield Town, London. He is young but he definitely has good body built. How would you describe him? Handsome, if you ask me.

December 7, 2010

Aljur Abrenica: Show Us More

Aljur Abrenica is definitely one of the hottest young actors in today's generation. I literally  mean hot! His body shows built improvement and he never fails to awe the audience whenever he walks down the center stage for a fashion show. He got the face, body and appeal that will always make us, the audience, to ask him "Show Us More!"

November 29, 2010

Anton Bernardo: Actor of the 90s

Anton Bernardo was one of the hottest sexy actors in the late 90's. He was one of the most in demand during those times. Why not? He got nice body to die for and he can also act.

November 26, 2010

Tattooed Alex Crisano

He might have lots of tattoo on his body but he carries it very well and it really fits him.

Barako Boys: Who's Pinaka-BARAKO?

The Barako Boys group were active in 2005 but they did not succeed as the male group Masculados. They ooze with their sex appeal. They got also the looks and the body. Still, Reggie Curley, Christian Vasquez, Carlo Maceda, Jay Manalo, Luis Alandy and Paolo Paraiso have got what it takes to be called "Barako", but who's PINAKA?
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