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December 23, 2011

The Eigenmanns

They are two of the prized actors of the Kapuso network. very visible and good actors. Not to mention they are cousins and sons of one of the most prominent names in showbiz. Keep up the good job Gabby and Geoff Eigenmann!

December 20, 2011

Sexiest Twins

They really are the sexiest twins on Philippine sports and modeling world. David and Anthony Semerad are now gaining more exposures in modeling. I just hope to see them soon as part of an underwear fashion show wearing a single piece.

December 17, 2011


It's almost Christmas and the air is already filled with holiday spirit. The air is cold and to enjoy Christmas to it's fullest, I really wanted to see one of my fave actors, Victor Neri. If anyone of you has pix of him or know a website where I can see some photos, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

December 14, 2011

Still Sexy

A man's sexiness can be noticed no matter what he's wearing, be it an underwear, topless or fully-clothed. Whatever you wear, you are still sexy Neil Etheridge!

December 11, 2011


Dingdong Dantes
Carlo Gonzales
Arthur Solinap
Wouldn't it be great to see this cousins in a sexy-drama show? I really wonder if that will happen in the future, but if it will, it's going to be a blockbuster for gays and gals alike. Carlo Gonzales and Arthur Solinap are currently seen on GMA 7's Survivor Philippines and Dingdong Dantes has an upcoming teleserye with Rhian Ramos (Recent news are indicating Rhian is being replaced by another Kapuso actress).

Photo Credit: Anne Cayoca Photography

December 9, 2011


This year's Survivor Philippines celebrity edition is somewhat disappointing, specifically the Volcanoes. Yes, we do have hunky and hottie guys but the two Volcano rugby players could have been replaced, not two, but just one player, and that is Eric Tai. I'm sure a lot of viewers out there are going to agree with me that if ever he is one of the contestants, more will be tuned in every weekday nights on GMA 7.

November 24, 2011

Akihiro: Penshoppe 2011

After winning Survivor Philippines 2010 nothing much about him was heard. Aside from short appearances on some GMA shows, Akihiro Sato seemed to be out of the limelight, even on fashion shows. Hopefully next year, we will soon see him again. Eventhough, he can't really act, it is always a pleasant to see him on screen before bedtime. :-)

November 17, 2011

Kellan Lutz: Hot Immortal

Kellan Lutz played as one of the Gods (Poseidon) in the movie Immortals which premiered on big screen on 11/11/11. Although his appearances are rather short and not that with much impact on the film, I still enjoy  watching him everytime he appears on the screen. According to reports, the film is doing good in the box office. Here are some of his photos from the film. 

Photo Credit: Twilight Fever, Just Jared & Kellan Lutz website

November 16, 2011

The Men of Survivor Philippines

Ahron Villena, Akihiro Sato, Buhawi Meneses & Doc Ferdz Recio
It's been a year since the last season of Survivor Philippines started. And this year a new season started last Monday. There are lots of good looking men joined last year since it was a celebrity edition. One of them was Ahron Villena who had just transferred from Kapamilya to Kapuso right before he joined the reality show. (now, he's a Kapamilya again). Akihiro Sato, a Brapanese model and actor. Another  was Buhawi Meneses, a bassist for Parokya ni Edgar. Also, Doc Ferdz Recio, a veterinarian and now the host of Born to be Wild of GMA 7.

Ervic Vijandre, Ian Batherson, Jon Hall & Mico Aytona
The ex of GMA Primetime Queen Marian Rivera, Ervic Vijandre (he's also a model) also joined. Ian Batherson, a Starstruck Avenger made it also to be one of the survivors. Another  model participated with her current girlfriend at that time, Jon Hall. Finally, another Kapamilya actor turned Kapuso Mico Aytona was also one of them. Aren't they all hot?

Let's meet the new hot men of the reality show now on its 4th season (second for celebrities):

Arnold Aninion. Arthur Solinap, Carlo Gonzales & Chuckie Dreyfus
First, it's definitely hot and exploding! Arnold Aninion, a rugby player for the Philippine Volcanoes. Another hottie is Arthur Solinap, a Kapuso actor and is a cousin of another Kapuso actor Dingdong Dantes. This season is all about pairs, and Arthur's pair is none other than his cousin, Carlo Gonzales, another Kapuso actor. Former That's Entertainment member Chuckie Dreyfus also made it this season.

Filo Cucueco, Gino dela Pena, John Odulio & KC Montero
One of the remaining male survivors is Filo Cucueco, the current boyfriend of actress Ellen Adarna. Actor and commercial model Gino dela Pena is also trying to be the sole survivor who can win P1M in cash. Another rugby player is pairing with his teammate is John Odulio. Finally, this is probably the most shocking for me. I did not know that he's that hot and sexy! Way to go KC Montero! Don't let Geneva ruin your chances through his scripted-like drama.

Watch this year's season of this reality show not only because of this gorgeous, hot and sexy men but also the comedic scenes and quotes Betong (another survivor) can offer. 

And isn't he also one of the reasons why you want to watch Survivor Philippines? Meet the host of the show.

Richard Gutierrez

October 23, 2011


I've tasted hotdogs from different places and I have to say, Pinoy hotdogs are still the best. Some of the hotdogs I have tasted from the US are a bit of a salty and you can tell it's smoked. Pinoy's are simply the best because they are tender and juicy. But Aljur Abrenica's hotdog endorsement is the one that I haven't tasted yet and I am excited to taste once I get back to Manila.

October 21, 2011


Let's end this weekend with a bang! Not everything that explodes are scary. Some can make you feel good and want to have more. Laughter is the best medicine after all so let it explode like Chris Everingham and Justin Coveney. There's something that Justin said that made Chris laugh. I wonder what it is. Something delicious maybe? Look at Justin's; He's licking his lips. And by the way, I see something else in the photo that wants to explode. :-)

October 19, 2011


He is really naughty on stage. During the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash a few years ago (2008), Eric Tai was indeed a good dancer in a sense that he adds naughtiness in it. To see what I am talking about, watch the video after the jump.

October 18, 2011

Sexy Big Guy

I am in an EricTai mood this week so here is my third post about him this week. The photo was taken during a Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash few years ago (2 years maybe). A video of mine (an exclusive one) shows how good he is in dancing. He is kinda naughty which is I like to a big guy like him and I am dying to see him naughty dancing while slowly undressing himself until he gets one left.

Photo Credit Gerard Daduya

October 17, 2011

Eric Tai Again

I just couldn't get over with Eric Tai. He looks so sexy and masculine. I am planning to have all my posts this week featuring his photos. I already have four posts about him and they are the most visited posts in my blog. Recently he appeared in Showtime and Gandang Gabi Vice and he looks so good on screen. And I have to say, man, this guy can dance!

October 16, 2011


I just want to say congratulations to the Philippine Volcanoes National Rugby Team for bringing glory again to our country. Just like the Azkals, they are now defeating the rugby giants of Asia. Eric Tai is one of the players of the team and I must say, he is sexy! The Volcanoes should do undies fashion shows in the future. I'll bet it will be a hit!

Photo Credit: Les Dizon

October 15, 2011


When is the next season of Survivor Philippines going to start? I am dying to watch the show not because of Richard Gutierrez (photos above), but the celebrities who are joining the challenges. Last year's season was the only Philippine TV show that I watched from the beginning til the end. Any idea, anyone? And by the way, don't you know that Richard is a survivor himself? Clue? Remember Norman Pardo? He was the driver when the accident happened and yet he's never been put to jail, not even for a minute.
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