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October 23, 2011


I've tasted hotdogs from different places and I have to say, Pinoy hotdogs are still the best. Some of the hotdogs I have tasted from the US are a bit of a salty and you can tell it's smoked. Pinoy's are simply the best because they are tender and juicy. But Aljur Abrenica's hotdog endorsement is the one that I haven't tasted yet and I am excited to taste once I get back to Manila.

October 21, 2011


Let's end this weekend with a bang! Not everything that explodes are scary. Some can make you feel good and want to have more. Laughter is the best medicine after all so let it explode like Chris Everingham and Justin Coveney. There's something that Justin said that made Chris laugh. I wonder what it is. Something delicious maybe? Look at Justin's; He's licking his lips. And by the way, I see something else in the photo that wants to explode. :-)

October 19, 2011


He is really naughty on stage. During the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash a few years ago (2008), Eric Tai was indeed a good dancer in a sense that he adds naughtiness in it. To see what I am talking about, watch the video after the jump.

October 18, 2011

Sexy Big Guy

I am in an EricTai mood this week so here is my third post about him this week. The photo was taken during a Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash few years ago (2 years maybe). A video of mine (an exclusive one) shows how good he is in dancing. He is kinda naughty which is I like to a big guy like him and I am dying to see him naughty dancing while slowly undressing himself until he gets one left.

Photo Credit Gerard Daduya

October 17, 2011

Eric Tai Again

I just couldn't get over with Eric Tai. He looks so sexy and masculine. I am planning to have all my posts this week featuring his photos. I already have four posts about him and they are the most visited posts in my blog. Recently he appeared in Showtime and Gandang Gabi Vice and he looks so good on screen. And I have to say, man, this guy can dance!

October 16, 2011


I just want to say congratulations to the Philippine Volcanoes National Rugby Team for bringing glory again to our country. Just like the Azkals, they are now defeating the rugby giants of Asia. Eric Tai is one of the players of the team and I must say, he is sexy! The Volcanoes should do undies fashion shows in the future. I'll bet it will be a hit!

Photo Credit: Les Dizon

October 15, 2011


When is the next season of Survivor Philippines going to start? I am dying to watch the show not because of Richard Gutierrez (photos above), but the celebrities who are joining the challenges. Last year's season was the only Philippine TV show that I watched from the beginning til the end. Any idea, anyone? And by the way, don't you know that Richard is a survivor himself? Clue? Remember Norman Pardo? He was the driver when the accident happened and yet he's never been put to jail, not even for a minute.

October 14, 2011

Lovable Hunks

Antonio Aquitania

Wendell Ramos
I used to watch Bubble Gang because of these two lovable hunks, Antonio Aquitania and Wendell Ramos. I had never missed one of their summer specials since 2005. They look good together and I just love watching them topless. But since Wendell left the show and his former mother studio, GMA, I stopped watching the show. I am hoping someday, they will have a show together again.

October 12, 2011


Aljur Abrenica recently introduced as one of the new characters in the top-rating Kapuso epicserye Amaya as Dayaw. His last teleserye Machete was axed earlier than expected because of low ratings and some viewers of Amaya are worried that Aljur's jinx might affect the overwhelming appreciation of the people to the show. Like what I have said before, a thorough workshop is long over due for Aljur. Viewers are now looking for shows with a good story with actors/actresses who can really give justice to their respective roles and not just a good, nice body to flaunt on national television.

October 10, 2011

Good-Looking Gareth "Gaz" Holgate

Gareth "Gaz" Holgate is a 24 year-old half Filipino, half Welsh and one of the hunky Philippine Volcanoes national men's rugby team. There are so many good-looking guys on the team but this one is really an eye-catcher. Recently, he escorted Kapuso actress Lovi Poe to the launching of Esquire Philippines and that's how started the rumor that he's been courting her. He of course denied it by telling he has a girlfriend (How lucky!) back in the UK.

On a side note, I think he has resemblance with Hollywood actor Colin Farrel, don't you think?

October 8, 2011

Hunky Angelo Cacciatore

Sometimes, I see him skinny on some of his photos, but these two made me to like him just now. Angelo Cacciatore is a Fil-Italian commercial model who appeared in Globe Broadband Tattoo, Coca Cola Bench, etc. He is being manage by the same agency who also manages the likes of Andre Enrique, Luke Jickain and Adrian Racho. He is in his early 20's and stands at 5'10". He is a real hunk, I must say!

October 7, 2011

Behind Bars

Two days ago, it was reported by News To Go of GMA NewsTV that Starstruck Avenger Vivo Ouano was caught during a drug buy bust operation alongside with four other teenagers. Now, they are behind bars but since some of them are minors, they will be place temporarily in the care of DSWD.

October 4, 2011

Asi & Troy: Fashion Show

Asi Taulava

Troy Montero

Two gorgeous men who joined a fashion show years ago were Asi Taulava and Troy Montero. Too bad, Asi did not take off much of his clothes. Unlike Troy where he took off everything except one. See for yourselves how was the Dickies Fashion Show featuring hot basketball players.

Video Credit:

October 3, 2011

Praybeyt Derek

Praybeyt  Benjamin, a movie produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films will soon hit the wide screen nationwide (October12, 2011). And the leading man of the main star is none other than the very masculine and sexy Derek Ramsey. During the presscon of the movie, some stars were asked if ever they had an experience with gay, and two notable actors said "YES!". I wasn't on the presscon so I really don't know if Derek was there and was also asked or he wasn't there at all. If he was there and was asked, I wonder what he would have said.
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