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May 31, 2011

Jason Ivler: A Hottie in Cell

He was accused of killing a son of a Malacanang official in November of 2009. Jason Ivler, an American citizen, and a half-Filipino is currently in jail and was recently reported to have been receiving special treatment inside the cell. But enough about that. He is hot, isn't he?


Anonymous said...

HOTNESS is not just physical being, it's the total package. therefore, this jason is totally not in the "hotness" category. pwede ba? mag-isip ka! your glorifying a criminal. dimwit!

Anonymous said...

Hey, did the author say he's glorifying Jason? Di naman ah. Kani-kanyang definition yan lang yan. Kung yun ang definition nya ng hotness, eh ano ngayon? Kung yung sinabi mo ang definition mo e di yun. Magjudge ka kaya ng mga male contests para magamit mo naman yang definition mo ng hotness. Total package ba kamo? Can you give us your name who possessess your definition of hotness?

Tsaka wrong grammar ka. Dapat sinabi mo "YOU'RE (your) glorifying a criminal." LOL

Anonymous said...

i agree with the first guy who commented in this post. for the 2nd guy who defended this post, how dare you? i have many goog looking male pageant contestant friends who possess amiable personality. ang babaw mo. skin deep lang ang "hotness" sa yo.

sige... sana maging boyfriend mo ang tulad ni ivler. fresh sa itsura, mega bulok sa loob. tingnan natin kung di ka mamroblema? mwahahaha!

Anonymous said...

tama yung unang nag-comment. disagree ako sa pangalawang nag comment. sa inyo na titi ni ivler. pass ako sa kanya.

Anonymous said...

Calling a murderer "hot" is like calling a rapist "flirtatious".

You can NEVER say "enough about that" about this man's diabolical deeds. That's just vicious and quite frankly stupid.

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